The Design Process

Define Your Project

Brussart has the capability to craft the custom hardware you are dreaming of! Unleash your creative inspirations to work wtih us to design the style, scale, and finish of hardware for your residential projects.

Grab a clean sheet of trace, clip out a favorite image, or describe how it will feel in your hand. Designs are inspired from a broad range of sources! Contact us to discuss your vision.

We’ll take your idea from concept to reality. It’s that simple!

Design Development

Working with a conceptual sketch or outline of your concept, Brussart will develop detailed drawings for your review and approval. With most projects, this phase may take a few rounds of drawings to refine the design. Throughout the design and development process, whether it is a door knob, lever, escutcheon, or turnpiece, Brussart draws on years of experience to continually evaluate your technical requirements. Brussart ensures that the design is actually buildable, and will result in finished hardware that meets the lock and door specifications. As a result, comprehensive engineering drawings can be developed at the end of this phase.


To develop a quote, Brussart first works with you to establish the design concept. In addition to the design concept, details including quantity, finish, and applications are needed for an accurate quote. Brussart also does a pre-engineering evaluation. Different projects require different tooling requirements, so they are priced appropriately.

Every project will be evaluated on its own merits, taking multiple factors into consideration. Brussart will provide an estimate for every project based on the information supplied.

Prior to initiating design and engineering drawings, Brussart requires a deposit. Purchase orders and a deposit of 50% are required for all production, with the balance due prior to shipment.


For manufacturing custom hardware, tooling is required to produce the machined components of original hardware. Depending upon the intricacies and originality of designs, the extent of tooling can range quite a bit. Brussart's tooling capabilities allow them to manufacture the most unique custom hardware imaginable. Brussart's pre-engineering processes during the design concept and design development stages ensure that designs can effectively be tooled.


Brussart uses a variety of manufacturing processes to bring your ideas for solid brass or solid bronze hardware to life here in the United States. Brussart's generations of experience has led to capabilities in investment casting (lost wax), turning process, sand casting, extrusion and stamping. Using these various techniques, Brussart can produce as wide a range of designs as you can imagine.


All of Brussart's products are finished for you by hand. Using as much art as science, our skilled American craftsmen, with combined hundreds of years of experience, work by hand with each piece to ensure that it is finished as desired. Our unique finishing processes can take as many as eight steps to achieve the quality finishes we are known for throughout the industry. Read more

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get started? We are here to help you transform a concept from your imagination to your front door. Contact us today so we can discuss your project and introduce you to the right dealer for your needs.

Brussart Stories

Of course there's a story behind it! Custom hardware doesn't just happen. Behind every piece of custom hardware, there is a dream, a personality, and a story.
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